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Research Briefs

pdf1930 Census Records Released by National Archives on April 1st hide

Seventy-two years after completion, the individual records from the 1930 Census will be released to the public. April 1, 2002, ended the 72-year restriction on releasing individual census data from the nation’s 15th decennial census. The National Archives and its thirteen regional facilities will now be able to allow inspection of individual records to all citizens. By law (Title 44, U.S. Code) individual records from the Federal population censuses are confidential for 72 years.

published: 4/2/2002 | tags: Historical Census Data , Research Briefs

PA Stats

WEBHistorical Census Statistics hide

Selected historical Decennial Census population and housing counts, from Includes links to data files and publications.

published: 3/8/2011 | tags: Historical Census Data , PA Stats