The Pennsylvania State Data Center produces a wide variety of statistical publications, including data from the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as other state, local, and federal sources. In addition, PaSDC also creates publications based on our own datasets, including county-level population projections and detailed state and county population estimates. You can field details about each of the different kinds of publications in this section. The most convenient way to order publications is online at the PaSDC eStore.

If you prefer to mail or FAX in your orders, each publication has a printable brochure and order form, with details on ordering via check. You can also download a catalog of all of our publications, in PDF format.

The Pennsylvania Abstract

The Pennsylvania Abstract, A Statistical Fact Book: 2014 is the PaSDC’s most comprehensive compendium of facts and figures about the commonwealth.

Includes data tables compiled from information provided by state and federal agencies. The 2014 edition is organized in a user-friendly fashion and contains tables from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the Pennsylvania Departments of Health, Probation and Parole, Public Welfare and many others. It is an invaluable asset to those in the business community, planners, policy makers, marketers and researchers.

The publication contains more than 200 tables, with data available for the state, and in most cases, breakouts for each of Pennsylvania's 67 counties.

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Pennsylvania County Data Books

The Pennsylvania State Data Center's 2014 County Data Book series is now available for purchase.  A Data Book is available for each of Pennsylvania's 67 counties and contains the most comprehensive and recent data available.

The 2014 County Data Books series includes the 2008-2012 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, which provide the latest socio-economic data for Pennsylvania counties and municipalities. Data is primarily presented in table format for easy analysis; however, there are also reference and thematic maps where appropriate. Also, this year's books are the first to contain Health Insurance and Disability Status for all Pennsylvania counties and municipalities.

The major areas of focus in the series are: Population Demographics, Employment, Housing, Income, Education and much more.
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Pennsylvania General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010

The Pennsylvania General Population and Housing Characteristics: SF1, Census 2010 CD Rom contains information compiled from questions asked of all persons from Census 2010. Presented on this CD is data for Pennsylvania’s 67 counties as well as the over 2,500 municipalities in the commonwealth. Pennsylvania General Population and Housing Characteristics: SF1, Census 2010 provides information on population, race, sex, age, and household relationships, as well as group quarters.

Pennsylvania General Population and Housing Characteristics: SF1, Census 2010 offers the most thorough and detailed look at commonwealth housing and population statistics available. This easy to use reference is an ideal resource for community planners, demographers, and analysts.

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The S
tate of the Commonwealth: 2012
The State of the Commonwealth is a statistical overview of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, drawing on the most up-to-date data sources to provide a snapshot of the most important demographic topics for the Keystone State.

New American Community Survey data provides the most detailed socioeconomic profile of the state. Each of the six sections contain a detailed summary of all of the relevant statewide statistics, complete with full-color graphs and charts. The State of the Commonwealth: 2012 is a timely resource for policymakers, teachers and researchers.

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Estimates Publications

The Pennsylvania State Data Center publishes statistical reference publications based on population estimates, for the state, counties, and municipalities, providing updated population counts for years in between the decennial censuses. 

The Detailed State and County Population Estimates are based on a dataset created by the Pennsylvania State Data Center. The Population of Pennsylvania Municipalities is a reference publication based on the U.S. Census Bureau's sub-county population estimates. It collects the yearly population totals for each municipality (and county) in Pennsylvania, from the last decennial census to the most recent year available, along with a numeric and percent change figure.

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