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The Pennsylvania State Data Center aims to provide high-quality, interactive, and novel ways to interact with public data.  Our visualizations utilize a variety of technology and software including ArcGIS Online, Tableau, Datawrapper and iDashboards.


Image of Child Diversity Viz

Child Diversity in PA School Districts

This visualization, created as a collaboration with our affiliate, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, visualizes the changing racial and ethnic composition of Pennsylvania children by school district. The accompanying report highlights statewide trends and includes information on how to use the visualization.

Image of Neighboring Viz

Neighboring Municipalities and Commuting Flows

This interactive visualization uses data at the municipal level from the American Community Survey to show patterns in the place of residence and place of work for Pennsylvanians. This visualization includes four categories which expand our understanding of commuter flows by considering those who work (or do not work) in a municipality that neighbors the municipality in which they live. Credit to Tyler Guilford, Information Services Intern (

Image of the Historical Census Dashboard

Historical Census Dashboard

This dashboard provides historical decennial census population counts for Commonwealth's counties for the decades 1960 to 2010. Users may select multiple counties from the map and click "Total" in the adjacent table to view the total population count for the aggregated area. Age and diversity figures for years 2000 and 2010 are also included.


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