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The Pennsylvania State Data Center aims to provide high-quality, interactive, and novel ways to interact with public data.  Our visualizations utilize a variety of technology and software including ArcGIS Online, Tableau, Datawrapper and iDashboards.

Image of Veteran Viz

Pennsylvania Veteran Characteristics

This interactive visualization uses the latest data from the American Community Survey to compare Veterans and Nonveterans by education, age, and race and Hispanic origin by County.

Image of the Employment Data Viewer

Business Patterns Employment Data Viewer

This interactive graphic shows employment by sector and subsector in Pennsylvania.

Image of the Historical Census Dashboard

Historical Census Dashboard

This dashboard provides historical decennial census population counts for Commonwealth's counties for the decades 1960 to 2010. Users may select multiple counties from the map and click "Total" in the adjacent table to view the total population count for the aggregated area. Age and diversity figures for years 2000 and 2010 are also included.

Featured ArcGIS Online Maps

Other Visualizations

Chart | Ownership of Pennsylvania Firms by Sex, 2015

Map | Percent of Children Under 5 that are Foreign Born by County, 2016