Pennsylvania State Data Center

PaSDC Division of Sponsored Projects

The PaSDC Division of Sponsored Projects does contracted work for state agencies, private business, and academia. These projects are generally under long-term contract, some of which repeat annually. The Division of Sponsored Projects can provide numerous services to their clients including database development, data analysis, web site creation and maintenance, and custom report generation. Many satisfied clients have used the Division of Sponsored Projects in more than one capacity, and referrals from previous clients constitute a majority of current contracts.

Education Project

The PaSDC is the data manager to collect Special Education Data across the state of Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Estimates Project

The PaSDC creates detailed State and County estimates for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The estimates are used as population guidelines for the years between decennial Censuses.

For more information, contact the Manager of Sponsored Projects:
777 W. Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA 17057