Pennsylvania State Data Center

PaSDC Dashboards

The Pennsylvania State Data Center has created dashboards of U.S. Census Bureau data for various demographics of the Commonwealth. The dashboards use data from the 2010 Decennial Census and the latest American Community Survey data to provide views of the state of Pennsylvania's population on a series of metrics. These dashboards are built using iDashboards, an industry-leading provider of business intelligence software.


Image of the Estimates dashboard

State and County Estimates

This dashboard provides statistics etailed state and county population estimates by race and age as well as components of change for Pennsylvania and the nation.

Image of the 2010 Census Dashboard

2010 Decennial Census

This dashboard provides an overview of the Commonwealth's population on a variety of demographic measures.


Historical Census 1960-2010

This dashboard provides historical decennial census population counts for Commonwealth's counties for the decades 1960 to 2010. Users may select multiple counties from the map and click "Total" in the adjacent table to view the total population count for the aggregated area.  Age and diversity figures for years 2000 and 2010 are also included.

Image of the PA Municipal Dashboard

PA Municipal and Socioeconomic Dashboard

This dashboard provides statistics on Pennsylvania's municipal and socioeconomic attributes.

Image of the Healthcare dashboard

Healthcare in PA

This dashboard shows information about uninsured Pennsylvanians by county and over the past several years.

Image of the Disability Characteristics dashboard

Disability Characteristics

This dashboard provides detailed information on disability by age, sex, race and ethnicity, as well as prevalence by disability type for the counties of PA.

Image of the ACS Income dashboard

ACS Income

This dashboard shows a breakdown by income of Pennsylvania residents, including measures of income by age and tenure, and statistics on poverty.

Image of the ACS Education dashboard

ACS Education

This dashboard provides statistics on education in the Commonwealth, and their effects on worker income.

Image of the PA Aging Dashboard

PA Aging Dashboard

This dashboard provides statistics on Pennsylvania's older population by State House District.