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PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2021 hide

published: 1/25/2021 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2020 hide

published: 2/10/2020 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2019 hide

published: 2/18/2019 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2018 hide

published: 4/2/2018 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2017 hide

The 2017 edition of Pennsylvania Facts.

published: 2/6/2017 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2016 hide

published: 1/12/2016 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2015 hide

published: 1/8/2015 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2014 hide

published: 3/24/2014 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2013 hide

published: 3/19/2013 | tags: PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2012 hide

The Pennsylvania Facts Brochure offers a fast and fun look at the Commonwealth's demographics.

published: 3/20/2012 | tags: 2010 Census Data , American Community Survey Data , PA Stats

xlsCensus 2010 Demographic Profile, State and Counties hide

Demographic Profile from Census 2010. File includes Pennsylvania and all 67 counties. Data items include Age, Household Relationship, Household Size, Tenure, Race and Ethnicity.

published: 5/19/2011 | tags: 2010 Census Data , PA Stats

pdfPennsylvania Facts 2011 hide

Impress your friends and family with your knowledge of Pennsylvania facts and figures. Pennsylvania Facts 2011 presents more than 120 facts on topics like population, political offices, transportation, education, and much more.

published: 5/16/2011 | tags: 2010 Census Data , American Community Survey Data , PA Stats

pdf2007 Economic Census User Guide hide

Guide to the twice-per-decade Economic Census, for data users.

published: 4/7/2011 | tags: Economic Census Data , PA Stats

WEBBirth and Death Certificates hide

The PaSDC does not have any information about birth or death certificates. You must contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records. They can be contacted at (724) 656-3100, or at the link above.

published: 4/7/2011 | tags: Government , PA Stats

WEBCensus Bureau Map Products hide

Map products, including PDF versions of Tract, Block and Voting District Reference maps. Includes wall-size maps, suitable for large-format printing (available from PaSDC).

published: 4/7/2011 | tags: Census Operations , PA Stats

WEBPennsylvania Department of Education - Data and Statistics hide

Home page of the Pennsylvania Department of Education for education data and statistics. Includes school enrollment, graduation, higher education, and more. Use the left-hand navigation menu to access statistics.

published: 4/7/2011 | tags: Education , PA Stats

pdfAmerican Community Survey Handbook hide

The Census Bureau's Compass Guide for General Data Users -- provides essential guidance for new and experienced American Community Survey data users.

published: 4/5/2011 | tags: American Community Survey Data , PA Stats

WEBHistorical Census Statistics hide

Selected historical Decennial Census population and housing counts, from Includes links to data files and publications.

published: 3/8/2011 | tags: Historical Census Data , PA Stats